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This week’s review: ALICE CLOSE YOUR EYES by Averil Dean


If I didn’t know better I’d swear that Gillian Flynn ( GONE GIRL ) and E.L. James ( FIFTY SHADES OF GREY ) got together, had a few drinks and decided to write a book. If you’re a fan of dark and unlikable characters that have a lot of unconventional (okay downright violent) sex, then this psychological thriller bordering on erotica book is for you.

Alice Croft is one of the most complex characters that I have ever read. She got under my skin. You want to pity her; but she makes it hard. You want to hate her; but then you feel that twinge of pity. You want to choke the life out of her; but then you remember that she’s a character in a book and why in the world are you so invested in this damaged character anyway?

Alice is a twenty year old woman who writes YA books. She’s successful at it. This is amazing considering the life that she’s had to endure. Alice wants revenge for the wrongs in her life. Jack Calabrese doesn’t know it yet, but he’s part of her plan to exact that revenge. Alice has been stalking Jack for weeks. She likes breaking into people’s houses. She doesn’t want anything valuable. She just wants to know things. What she doesn’t expect is for Jack to come home and find her in his closet. He should be calling the police. He should be doing anything other than what he does.

Both Alice and Jack have their secrets and chapter by chapter, page by page, those secrets are revealed to the climax of this story’s dirty and convoluted ending. This disturbing book made me cringe in pain in parts. It infuriated me (I love animals~~it was really hard to read such a dark part of the book). It captivated me. I needed to know the end. I needed a resolution to all of the mess that had been made. And in the end, I’m not sure that there is a possible resolution.

ALICE CLOSE YOUR EYES is Author Averil Dean’s debut novel. Where in the world will she go from here? Please take time to read the very candid and insightful Reader’s Guide and the Authors Q&A in the back of the book. Congratulations to this author for overcoming her own setbacks and getting this novel published.


I won an ARC of this book from Shelf Awareness. The opinions above are my own.


Maryellen is a 46-year-old avid reader, runner, and reviewer who lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband Mike and their two rowdy cats.  The fact that she has a car named RoxyBlue and has a phone named Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) are only two of a million reasons why I love her.  Couple that with her insight, intelligence, and her always half-full glass of optimism and it makes for an exceptional book reviewer.  I am lucky to have the honor of Maryellen allowing me to post her reviews here every Monday.

7 thoughts on “Maryellen’s Monday Morning Musings

    • Thank you so much Suzy! What a page turner. I wanted to wring Alice’s neck but I guess Jack was doing enough of that! Thanks for reading my review!

    • You are so welcome Ms. Dean! It is a book that is going to be sticking with me for quite some time. I’m more than anxious to read what you write next. Congratulations on the success of ALICE!

    • Thanks Sherry! What a compliment! Wishing you a great day too! Looking like a “snow day” in my neck of the woods (translates into a reading day)!

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